Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for all the women.  Each and every movement should be cherished for life time. Have you ever wondered how does the baby grow inside tummy, what is their size and weight each month?? Well, the entire phase of pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters, the baby begins as a small cell and during the nine months process the foetus becomes into a cute baby with facial features, and well-developed organs.  This article is all about showing your baby’s development month by month. Get ready to be amazed

Your Developing Baby –Month By Month Development

1st Month

A tiny cell is formed which is the embryo. By the end of the 25th day the baby’s heart and lungs are formed. The heartbeat begins to start, moreover, the neural tube is also formed.  By the completion of 1st month, the weight of the baby is less than 1 ounce only.  Isn’t it amazing to know a tiny human growing inside your tummy.

2nd Month

During the second month the major body organs and systems development take place. The placenta is used to exchange the nutrients from the mother and body. At the 2nd moth the tiny ears, ankles, toes, fingers, and wrists are formed. The eyelids are sealed shut in the 2nd month. The features look more like a human by the end of the 2nd month. The weight remains still 1 ounce and the baby is just 1 inch long.

3rd Month

The finger and toes get soft nails and by the end of 3rd month, baby gets 20 buds which are formed as teeth in future. Around 10 – 12 weeks you can hear baby’s heartbeat and it can be heard using Daptone. During the entire pregnancy phase, body organs will mature and develop. Baby will gain weight each month and by the end of 3 months foetus will be 2-3 inch long.

 4th Month

You can notice the foetus movement, kicks, and the placenta is developed fully. The skin gets pink shade and is transparent. The foetus becomes 6 to 7 inches long. The baby weighs approximately 5 ounces by end of the 4th month.

5th month

You can notice some foetal movement as the baby becomes active. The fingernails grow and foetus follows a schedule to sleep and wake up Thefoetus grows at rapid speed and by the end of the 21st week the activities can be felt by mommy.

6th Month

At 6th-month baby’s skin is red and wrinkled. It gets covered with fine and thin hair. The eyelids begin to open up a little and you can notice fingerprints. If the baby is born in the 24th week, it can survive in NICU with proper care.

7th Month

By 7 th month, the baby can open and close its eyes. It also sucks the thumb occasionally and it does activities like kicking, stretching in and out. You can notice that the foetus responds well to light and sound.  You can play the game of peekaboo and have fun. If the foetus is born in the 7th month, it has high chances of survival and is usually 15 inches long and weighs about 3-4 pounds.

8th Month

During the 8th month, the brain grows at a rapid pace and foetus become too big. It cannot move much but can kick and roll inside the tummy. You can notice the feet of the baby on your belly while getting the kick. The baby bones on the head are flexible and soft, if the baby is born before 37thweek, it is considered as a premature baby. They have excellent chances of survival when taken good care.

9th Month

At 40the week, the baby is considered as full-term and their lungs and other body parts are mature and ready to function on their work. A healthy baby weights 7- 9 pounds by the end of 40 weeks. The baby moves into position to be born via vaginal canal. The baby is usually 20-21 inch long and has all the baby part well development after the completion of 40 weeks you could be popping out the baby anything and hold the tiny creature in your arms.


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