According to a recent survey, the Indian healthcare sector is expected to reach $372 billion by 2022. Its upsurge is primarily driven by the private healthcare sector and the Government’s initiative to invest and improve the public healthcare facilities.

Among numerous private healthcare options, polyclinics are making a difference by providing cost-effective and easily available healthcare services to people.

Polyclinics are bridging the gap between healthcare offered by traditional clinics and full-fledged hospitals. Here, patients can consult with more than one doctor, perform pathological tests and other minor procedures.

Now that you know what is a polyclinic, here is how it differs from hospitals –

  • These are smaller than hospitals in size and number of staff.
  • Patients cannot be admitted to polyclinics.
  • Patients can only avail a handful of pathological tests done in a polyclinic.
  • The number of doctors is not as many as a hospital.

The difference between a polyclinic and a clinic are –

  • These are bigger in size and number of staffs compared to a single clinic.
  • Patients can consult with more than one doctor.
  • Patients can get pathological tests done.

Purpose of a polyclinic

The primary purpose of a polyclinic is to provide comprehensive healthcare to patients. These offer patients the initial professional care they need.

Even though polyclinics are smaller in their structure compared to a hospital, they offer a wide range of facilities to their patients.

Advantages of a polyclinic

The advantages of a polyclinic are plenty, these are –

  • Convenience

One of the most significant benefits of polyclinics is its convenience. Patients can walk into a polyclinic without an appointment and still consult a doctor. Additionally, polyclinics have flexible working hours, and these are even open on weekends and holidays.

Polyclinics are typically available in every locality; thus, patients don’t have to travel a long way to get their treatment.

  • Low cost

Polyclinics offer low-cost medical treatment compared to a hospital. They can offer affordable healthcare facilities as they don’t have a large infrastructure to maintain and high operating costs.

Thus, doctors can easily invest to start their own medical practice or a polyclinic. Additionally, polyclinics occupy a small space and do not have expensive machinery. Thus, they can keep their cost down and offer affordable healthcare to patients.

  • Easy appointments

Booking an appointment in a polyclinic is easy. Even if it is an emergency, patients can still make an appointment quickly. These establishments usually have efficient patient and queue management.

  • Price transparency

Polyclinics have a set price for their tests and doctor appointments, and they don’t change highly. Thus, patients have an idea of what their expenses will be before their treatment.

  • Personal relation

Polyclinics have a more cordial relationship with their patients. These mostly operate on a small scale and locally, which ensures the same. Additionally, they offer a more welcoming atmosphere compared to a hospital.

Disadvantages of a polyclinic

The only disadvantage of polyclinics is that these have very limited infrastructure. They cannot provide treatment to every disease and have a limited number of doctors available. Additionally, these offer only a handful of pathological tests.

In case of a serious emergency, polyclinics may not have the necessary resources to provide treatment.

Now that you know what is , along with its advantages and limitations, it can be a great investment opportunity. The initial set-up and cost of operation are less compared to a hospital, and it offers more revenue than a traditional clinic. Doctors only need to have effective business skills to run their practice in an efficient manner.

Medical professionals can avail a Loan for Doctors from financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv to set up a polyclinic. Such a loan can also be used to improve an existing polyclinic’s infrastructure and bring new healthcare services like mHealth under it.

By knowing what is a polyclinic, doctors and patients will learn its impact in the Indian healthcare sector. Polyclinics are playing a crucial role by providing convenient and cost-effective healthcare services.


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