When it comes to the most comprehensive packaging solution for small and fragile items such as ties, nothing else comes in the mind other than the tie boxes. The hype and importance that ties have gained over time have compelled packaging manufacturers to come up with this exclusive style of packaging for them. These boxes can be made out of any material of choice, but ideally, they are made by cardboard. Boxes for ties that are made by rigid cardboard are known for their class and finesse. They are a treat for the target customers and provide an immaculate display to the ties that they carry.

New Technique for Tie Packaging

Tie boxes can be manufactured in any required dimensions with the help of modern printing and packaging techniques. They are ideally manufactured from cardboard, which is one of the most easily accessible materials to date. They are economical and easily affordable by tie manufacturers, be they an established brand or an upcoming startup. They can be beautified in appearance with the help of numerous supportive additions such as die cut windows, stylized typography, or exciting finishes. They keep the crisp and texture of the ties intact and help the customers to make the best buying decision according to their individual requirements. Some of the most popular tie packaging designs of 2020 have achieved a high success rate, and their sales speak volumes about it. Although many designs have been introduced, these have been adored more than the others. Let us discuss some of these elegant designs in detail and see why they have achieved such levels of popularity.

Window Cut

This has got to be the most uncommon and attractive design for necktie boxes among all the options. Displaying products effectively is the cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy. Without it, no brand can claim success in the market. Customers are always looking for the best products in stores, and just the appearance of a product can change their minds regarding buying or ignoring it. Imagine a customer enters a store. The first thing they see is the package of the tie, and that first look influences their purchasing decisions significantly. That is why this design with a window has got such popularity. Using this design, brands have the freedom to display their ties. And customers have the choice to look at them without the need to hold the box. The design of the box is quite simple, apart from the window on the front. Although more than one window can be made too, usually one window suffices.

The Hanger

Elegance is something that is highly valued in tie box packaging. Everyone acknowledges that if the product packaging is luxurious, it lasts a great impression on customers. It adds a sense of expansiveness to the whole scenario and makes customers feel better about themselves and their purchasing decisions. Hence, this design with hanger is the perfect choice if a touch of luxury is needed in tie packaging. The box is usually long and slim, which complements the shape of the tie. The tie can be hung downwards in the box. The upper part has the hanger, which is half inside and half outside the box. The lower part that is inside the box holds the tie. And the upper part, outside the box, is used to handle or hang the whole packaging. It is a great design for gifting because the hanger adds a sense of prestige to the box.

The Simple Lid

Not everyone desires fanciness, and some people want to stay simple and straightforward with their bow tie boxes. In fact, minimalism is now a strong idea in packaging and is being deployed by several brands. There are many customers, too, that want a detox from bright colors and fancy designs and want something that is simple. This design is a great choice for such people. The box is the traditional squarish or rectangular one with a lid on top. It is fairly easy to remove the covering or too put it back, all within a split second. This design is used especially for silk ties because they do not suffer from creases. As it is a smaller box, the tie can be folded and then packed into the box. Given the size of the box, it is easier to handle and transport it, reducing shipping costs. It is made from strong materials such as cardboard and corrugated.

Sleeve & Tray

Another luxurious and fancy design that has traditionally been used for packaging other items but has also made a solid entry into tie packaging. Alongside some other fancy designs, this design has become a popular option for tie manufacturers that want their tie gift boxes to look expensive and beautiful. The design of the box actually consists of two parts: one is the tray or the base that has the tie. And the other part is the sleeve that acts as a cover for the tray. The box slides inside or outside of the sleeve easily. This means the mechanism of the box is easy for everybody to understand and use. The materials used for manufacturing are sturdy and are able to withstand high levels of pressure during shipping and handling. They are also great at protecting ties from moisture and temperature fluctuations. The tie storage boxes discussed here have all become popular and well-known in the year 2020. Brands have seen them as effective pathways to success and have used them as excellent tools for achieving high sales and revenue targets. The use of these designs is getting excessive, and it is a safe bet to say that more brands will be using them in the future.


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