The moment you realize you are pregnant you get super careful in finalizing everything starting from the clothes to the diaper. Every mother wants the best for her baby, everything should be perfect. Finalising a right diaper is very crucial because it comes in contact with the delicate baby skin.

Here are the top most important things to be considered while selecting the diapers for your little one.

1.    Size of Diaper

While buying a diaper for your little one, size is the most important factor, correct size gives comfort. The size of diaper changes with growing age. The baby needs a bigger diaper as the baby grows old. If you are searching for a thin diaper you can opt for pant style diapers too. It is easy to wear and your baby will feel comfortable during sleep and play time.

 Make sure you invest in the right size of diaper, if you have got the smaller size of the diaper then it can be too tight and uncomfortable for the baby. When you are opting for a bigger size of diaper, it can often lead to leakage, hence look for the right size of diaper.

2. The material of the diaper

Your little one’s skin is soft and delicate hence it is very crucial to finalize a delicate materials. As the soft baby’s skin is constantly in touch with the material of the diaper. Rule out the chances of rashes, redness, itchiness, and allergies after wearing the diaper.

The main cause of diaper rashes is the irregular PH level. This can happen due to constant wetness and dampness inside the diaper. Select a soft and breathable diaper, it will help to quickly absorb the wetness and evenly distributes urine.  There are plenty of brands which also offer eco friendly diapers, you can also give it a try.

3.    Unique requirements

Every child is unique and has different needs. Always select the diaper as per baby’s age, weight and comfort. It is totally fine to try out 2-3 diaper brands before finalizing one. Look for the prominent and reliable brands which assures high quality and soft materials.

You can also choose the diaper based on their peeing count, if your little pees a lot, you need to look out for a diaper which has good holding capacity. If your little one has sensitive skin, look for the softest fabric, preferable bamboo fabric.

4. High absorption

Several times baby make stay awake during nights due to heavy diaper wetness. This wetness can also lead to cold and rashes. While finalizing the diapers, look for quick absorption diapers. It will keep the baby dry and rashes free. The baby will also have a sound sleep.

Make sure to opt for a diaper which provides 12 hours plus dryness to your baby. Sleep is very crucial for every baby, it is the time when the baby’s growth and development takes place. Hence, always look for a quick absorption diaper, it will ensure a peaceful sleep.

5. Non Leakage

Several babies usually pull the diaper due to heaviness. Sagginess in diapers can be due to heavy accumulation of urine in a single spot. This generally happens due to lack of even distribution inside the diaper. A heavy diaper can lead to huge discomfort in the little one. Opt for a reliable diaper which has even distribution of channels to absorb urine.  Make sure you regularly change the diaper to prevent diaper rashes and leakage.

6. Baby’s response to the diaper

Unlike adults, baby cannot speak out if the diaper is uncomfortable. Always watch out for the baby’s response while trying out a new diaper. Some diaper material can cause rashes, allergies, and bumps. Avoid using scented diapers as it can alter the baby’s PH level. Moreover, your baby knows the best, always look for their signals , if the child is not comfortable with the diaper, they usually tend to cry or will indicate the diaper area.

If you are a first time mother, I would suggest you to invest in 2-3 good and reliable diaper brands. Additionally, you can also invest in cloth diaper, it is a good alternative of disposable diapers.


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