The death of a near one is a very painful thing to happen but never the less,this is bound to happen in every family at one point of time or the other. Whether death happens at home, the hospital or someplace away from home, it is crucial that the entire cremation work is done properly. In cases where the person has no nearby relatives, it is important to store the corpse in a body freezer box on hire in Chennai. This ensures that the body is preserved till the time everyone arrives.

Where to find the mortuary boxes

These boxes are found in mortuaries where the bodies are kept till the family members have arrived. It happens in many families that some people are out of town while the rest of them are present. Since this is a very serious time when you are bidding the last farewell to your loved one, it is essential to wait till all the family members have arrived to offer their last respect. In such a scenario preserving the body is of utmost importance. The mortuary boxes come very handy in such cases because they are equipped with the freezer which is important for the storage of the corpse. The intense cold temperature of the freezer boxes is essential for protecting the body from any kind of decay till the time of the cremation.

Types of boxes

While keeping the body in a mortuary it is important to know that there are basically two kinds of freezer boxes. One of them has a temperature varying around 2 and 4 degrees Celsius. This is suitable for bodies that will not be kept for very long. These actually slow down the pace of the decomposition. The other kind has a high temperature which varies between 10 and 50 degrees Celsius. This is important for keeping the body absolutely frozen for a very long period of time. Here, the decomposition rate is zero and the body can be safely kept for weeks. Mostly, the dead body freezer box in Chennai is used in forensic cases but they can also be used where the family members are unable to get hold of the tickets to return back to town and the body has to be kept until for days. The bodies in the mortuary are stored properly so that there is no growth of the pathogen. A suitable environment is also maintained for the proper preservation of the dead bodies.

Funeral companies

This entire process of hiring a freezer box for the body and also making all the necessary arrangements for the cremation is not an easy task for someone who has just lost a loved one. In such scenarios, it is best to hire funeral companies who take care of all the paperwork and ensure that the cremation process is completed with due respect. This gives you time to mourn the loss and also ensure that all the work has been done properly. Therefore, whether you are short of manpower or not it is best to hire professional funeral companies in such moments of crisis.


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