Many consider winter dressing to be boring as it doesn’t stand out much. It’s mostly black and white. Scarves are the main part of a winter dressing. It decides the appearance of the dress whether you look classy, stylish simple or…boring. So deciding on the right scarves the suits you is an essential part.

If you are a man and decide to be a bit manly in this winter why not try some of the best wool scarf man.

Best Wool Scarves For Men

Men’s scarves are usually 10 inches wide and 70 inches long.

  • Polka dot wool scarf: This scarf can be simple yet fashionable making you stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Recycled cashmere scarves: If you want to go eco-friendly, how about this recycled cashmere scarves.
  • Solid cashmere scarves: Go for this if you want to look classic.
  • Marled cable muffler: This would be the coziest one in your wardrobe.
  • Long Elegant Desert-Inspired Semi-Casual Men’s Scarf: Well what’s more to say it’s all in the name right here.
  • Gents Cashmere Scarf: This one’s casual and at the same time luxurious.
  • Long Knitted Men’s Scarf: You’d stay completely warm in this knitted scarf.

Custom Scarves

Customized scarves are the best way to make your scarves unique just like you, the best way to add your own work to your winter dress. There are tons of online websites that provide you with many ways and designs for your personal scarf. If not online there are centers that help you customize your scarfs.   They provide you with the best material, service and a promise that you won’t get disappointed.

The material of your scarf plays an important part in its warmth quality and money. While polyester and acrylic come at cheaper rates cashmere fabric comes expensive. Other materials used to make scarves are cotton, pashmina, modal, fleece, and silk.

 Silk scarves are worn for fashion rather than warmth. Fleece can be really warm and soft but after a while, you will find yourself drenched in sweat. Acrylic scarves are manmade. They are not much breathable or soft. Cotton is a natural fiber hence it’s breathable and it does not trap heat. Cashmere and merino are the best but it may be itchy. To get rid of this you could wash them by hand. Cashmere can be expensive but if it does not fit your budget, then how about merino?

Scarves make you stand out. It can be used in cold weather and even in a tropical climate. We just need the right material color and texture that goes with your style. There are a lot of websites online which helps you select the right scarf for you. If you need something unique the why not try custom scarves. If you choose it right then you can be manly, simple, fashionable, casual or formal according to your preference.

Custom scarves give you an option to get them made according to your need and style of wearing.


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