In this fast-paced world, people often find themselves in the mess of sadness, loneliness, and lassitude. These emotions being short term reactions or occurrences stem from unexpected events such as the loss of anything or anyone dearest to one’s heart or constant life struggles. By nature these emotions erupt at times and go away. However, if such feelings of sadness, fault, weakness, worthlessness, bad temper, loss of interest in activities (which one once enjoyed doing), continue to haunt you, it may be concluded that you are having depression. 

You shouldn’t be extremely worried about such persistent issues. In general, people having higher expectations or ambitions tend to feel depressed in case they fail to meet them. There are cases depression negatively affects emotions and mood, block thinking, lower vitality and immune function, and cause insomnia or sleeplessness. 

While there is professional help from specialists such as psychologists, psychiatrists, family physicians, etc. to deal with issues like depressions, there are alternative healing therapies that people are looking at. Alternate healing therapies include using colour, light, gemstones, Rudraksha, mantras and sound to heal certain mental and psychological issues.

Of all the therapies, the ones using gems are getting popular. But before we look into that, let us find out these stones work on the body.

In the ancient scriptures such as ratnavijnan (science of gems) and Garuda Purana, it is mentioned that gems have the ability to prevent negative influences of planets on your life. They mainly influence or energize seven chakras (energy centers) in your body. The colours of gemstones directly react to the colors of the chakras.

The characteristic traits of gemstones make them treasured, auspicious and unique in the alternative healing therapies for diseases. Note that your body always requires seven color rays namely red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Each ray of its specified colour is associated with one or more chakras. 

There are seven chakras in the body namely: Muladhara (red), Swadhisthana (orange), Manipura (yellow), Anahata (green), Visuddha (green), Ajna (indigo) and Sahasrara (violet) located in different regions of your body in a straight line from the spine base to the top of your head. They are the wheels of energy in your body.

Through these chakras, the cosmic energy from the space flows in energizing your internal as well as external body parts. Depression is a psychological issue associated with Sahasrara Chakra located atop your body. 

How does a gemstone therapy wok? Once you wear a gemstone, transmission of cosmic colorful rays stemming from the planets occurs. These rays are condensed by the gem and transmitted further to the Chakras, empowering them function optimally.

Once the chakras are energized, you naturally gain strength, courage, support, luck and the blessings from the divine energies.

Did you know that gemstones were massively used by kings, different royal orders, noble families and other elites of the ancient world? They know these stones contained supernatural energies that helped them achieve their goals in the end.

You may approach professionals for their assistance in dealing with depression but the use of gemstones or alternative gem therapy may be very useful and beneficial in dealing with depression.

It can be said along with a gemstone, you also need to open up and accept what comes your way and forget the past thing that landed you in depression. 


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