A kidney is an essential part of our body. They are the sole authorities for removing waste from the body. Forty-five gallons of blood is cleaned or filtered everyday by the kidney, so when it stops working, the blood is not filtered anymore, and waste and fluids start accumulating inside the body. It leads to high blood pressure and kidney failure. It is the time when you will need a kidney transplant. When only one of the kidneys has a problem, a patient can survive with the other kidney, but the problem arises when both the kidneys stop doing their work. Now you can start looking for the Best Kidney Transplantation surgeon for your kidney transplant.

How much does a kidney transplant cost?

 A chronic kidney patient can survive either by dialysis or by kidney transplant. Usually, doctors prefer to do the surgery rather than the dialysis. Not all patients can afford an operation because it is a very costly affair. Kidney transplant cost is about 5 to 6 lakh rupees for the transplant itself then after the surgery or transplant; it will still cost you 15 to 20thousand rupees monthly for post-operative care.So, kidney transplant is not that easy for everyone who has kidney disease.

Why do the doctors prefer transplant more?

Usually, doctors prefer to do the transplant over dialysis, for the simple reason that patients tend to live more when they have a kidney transplant and also for the reasons that

  • Patients who opt for transplants have a better quality of life
  • The diet restrictions are lesser
  • They feel more energetic
  • The people who have dialysis have many health problems

If the transplant is a better option, the question arises then why do people opt for dialysis? The answer to this that because there are fewer donors and the waiting list is very long, so the patients have no other choice than undergo dialysis.

Getting ready

The best kidney transplantation takes place when the donor is a family member, and the kidney doesn’t come from an outside source, and the better news is that you can have the surgery as soon as possible. After the initial preparations, a team of doctors will do the transplant. But before all this, there are few things to be checked

  • Whether the donor is in perfect health
  • If the recipient has any infections fever etc.
  • If the donor’s blood matches the recipient
  • And if both the donor and the recipient are not only physically but also mentally ready as well. After all these matters are cleared, the transplantation takes place.

Final Words:

After the transplant is done successfully, you will be in the hospital for a few weeks, and you will be monitored closely by the doctors. They will check whether your kidney can produce urine by itself. It will take a few days, and when the natural process of the kidney is restored, you will be sent home with proper instructions.

When you need a kidney transplant, it is always safe that a family member donated It, because if you have to wait for a donor it will take a long time and sometimes chances are your body may reject the new kidney which is very dangerous.


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